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Options board

Postby The management » Wed May 18, 2005 9:19 pm

An options board is a model of an interaction at a specific moment in time. It displays a set of parties, each controlling certain options and each having a position, stated intentions and present intentions. It generates output in the form of descriptions of dilemmas and projections of parties’ responses to them.

Building options boards is the most important task of a user of Confrontation ManagementTM. After building a board, consult its output. From this, using imagination, empathy and contextual knowledge, you can create the next options board, showing how parties are likely to redefine their problem when they come up against the dilemmas presented by the current board. You may need to define a number of possible next options boards. In this way, Confrontation Manager helps you understand, predict and plan for interactions between parties.
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